The Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS) is a ‘regional forum for all’ that provides opportunities to diverse target groups to share and learn mutual knowledge, wisdom and practical experience on the conservation, wise use and sustainable management of wetlands in Asia. It brings together a wide range of wetland stakeholders such as policymakers, managers, practitioners, donors, promoters, academicians, researchers and students from both the government and non-government sectors.

The last AWS, held in Japan in November 2017, marked the 25th anniversary of the regional forum. It underscores the long history of wetland advocates that openly discuss recent developments on wetland conservation and wise use in Asia. AWS 2017 reviewed the achievements and milestones for the past quarter century and also collectively shared the vision on wetlands in Asia for the next 25 years.

On 5-9 July 2021, the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia (RRC-EA) will support the tradition by co-organizing the 9th Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS9) with theme “Voice of Asia: Changes, challenges, and successful practices” in collaboration with Ramsar Center Japan, Wetlands International Japan, Japan Wetland Society and other important partners.


AWS9 aims to promote mainstreaming of wetland conservation and wise use across all sectors of the society as a contribution to the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024 and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, the symposium shall:

  • share skills, traditional knowledge, techniques and methods, good practices and lessons learned from the conservation and wise use of wetlands in Asia;
  • compile strategies and approaches for realizing wise use of Ramsar Sites and other wetlands;
  • expand networks among Ramsar Site and wetland managers and stakeholders in Asia;
  • enhance international cooperation and partnership on wetland conservation in the region;
  • contribute to Ramsar COP14, particularly in support of the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024 and CEPA Programme 2016-2024, by reporting good practices of wise use of wetlands in Asia; and
  • enhance involvement of the next generation in conservation and wise use of wetlands.

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