List of Poster Presentations

Session Poster presentations
Session 3-I
Wetland management, conservation and restoration
Aaron Julius Lecciones
Application of Rapid Assessment of Wetland Ecosystem Services in Las Piñas Parañaque Wetland Park (Philippines)
Atsushi Tanabe
Selection of estuaries for waterbird habitat conservation through complementarity analysis on class A river in Japan
Ayano Yamanaka
Biota of the Kuro river retarding basins in the Aso region in Japan
Session 3-II
Wetland management, conservation and restoration
Eiji Sawada
How can economics model regional wetland conservation? Systematization and application of regional structure in the economics of migrating species conservation
Hye-Ji Oh
Creating alternative habitats from a wetland ecosystems perspective: focused on the ecological niche space of endangered frog species
Ran-Young Im
Seed transport pattern during the typhoon-induced flood in channelized and restored urban streams
Session 4
Wise use of wetlands
Chik Maslinda Omar
Assessing Local Community Interaction with Wetlands Resources and Ecosystem Services in Setiu Wetlands, Terengganu, Malaysia
Session 7
Multi-stakeholder participation and citizen science
Fumihiro Koyama
The launch of on-line information sharing platform about wetlands in Tokyo Bay
Jin Tanaka
Trends in national and international youth participation discussions on environmental issues
Shiina Suzuki
Introduction to Japan Wetland Society and Some Recent Activities
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